Freddy The Frogcaster

Freddy the Frog loves learning about the weather, and he’s known for having the best predictions in town. Well-known Fox News broadcast meteorologist Janice Dean pens this exciting and hilarious tale about an aspiring weathercaster who can’t keep his eyes off the sky. Children and adults will love the charming frog world Freddy lives in, and the fun science lessons he shares, with an activities section in the back.

Everybody Loves Freddy!

Budding weatherfrog Freddy makes his television debut as a hurricane roars over Lilypad. [Janice] Dean caps the episode with simply written comments about how hurricanes form and are categorized, historical tidbits, the difference between a ‘watch’ and a ‘warning,’ and more detail on preparing for a storm. Common-sense attitude and advice, sunnily conveyed.
— Kirkus Reviews
Freddy is back! And so is the genius who created him, Janice Dean, who’s not only the best meteorologist in North America, but also one of the very best people. Buy this book. In fact, get two copies.
— Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News Channel
Tough calls keep coming when you’re a frogcaster. But when skies turn threatening, Freddy always stays cool while sharing important advice. In this enchanting edition, Janice Dean takes us back to Lilypad, where Freddy continues to introduce future generations of scientists to weather.
— Ian Livingston, forecaster/photographer and information lead, Washington Post Capital Weather Gang
“Our favorite frogcaster is back and teaching ‘toad-ally’ awesome weather-ready lessons! Flash flooding is the one of the most dangerous types of severe weather but also one of the hardest to predict. Weather-ready Freddy will help kids and grown-ups alike understand the complicated science of weather forecasting and why you should always be prepared.
— Jen Carfagno, meteorologist, co-host of AMHQ, The Weather Channel
The message taught in Freddy the Frogcaster and the Flash Flood is a beautiful reminder that we all make mistakes, name calling is hurtful, and being forgiving and positive are always best. Janice’s Freddy books incorporate valuable life lessons with knowledge about the weather and this book is an excellent teaching tool. In addition, the artwork is colorful and fantastic.
— Ainsley Earhardt, co-host of Fox and Friends, Fox News Channel
Janice’s passion for weather is infectious, and she’s hit yet another home run, combining humor and important emergency advice! She and Freddy also remind us there are bumps along the road to success, and that the only real failure is being too afraid to take a chance. You’ll love this charming adventure!
— Shannon Bream, Supreme Court reporter, anchor of America’s News Headquarters, Fox News Channel
Even amphibians should follow their dreams, and Janice has written a charming, whimsical story that will appeal to the inner ‘frog child’ in all of us! I see sunny skies ahead for Freddy, the frogcaster.
— Kathie Lee Gifford, co-host, NBC, Today’s Kathie Lee & Hoda
For years, Janice Dean ‘The Weather Machine’ has been making meteorology fun for millions of Fox viewers. With Freddy the Frogcaster she does it again—only this time we get the fun, along with some valuable life lessons. Our whole family loved this book!
— Megyn Kelly, host, Fox News Channel, The Kelly File
A fun read that is an instant favorite for bedtime in our house…
— Bret Baier, host, Fox News Channel, Special Report with Bret Baier
Big thanks to the ‘Weather Machine,’ Janice Dean, for teaching kids to ‘be prepared’—not scared through the storms with their weather-smart friend!
— Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of Fox & Friends, , Fox News Channel
As a mom, it warmed my heart to see my kids giggling about a ‘frogcaster’ and learning about science too!
— Norah O’Donnell, co-anchor, CBS, This Morning
“Freddy delightfully encourages families like mine to channel our fears into real things we can do today to be ready for the next hurricane. Thank you for helping children and families get better prepared.
— Rick Knabb, Ph.D., Director of the National Hurricane Center
What a creative way to learn that weather forecasting can be as fun as it is vital to our safety. I’m ‘blown’ away with how much info Janice managed to sneak into a fun story that’ll educate our tadpoles and frogs alike!
— Indra Petersons, National Weather Anchor, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, and Alliance for Women in Media STEM Leadership in Media award honoree
It is no leap of judgment to predict that this story will hatch new weather enthusiasts eager to jump into the wonderful world of meteorology.
— Dr. Greg Postel, Hurricane and Storm Specialist, The Weather Channel

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